Our menu from executive chef Paolo Strada reflects a modern, vibrant, and exciting multicultural composition, seasoned with a healthy respect from the traditional, and an international outlook. Drawing influence from Modern European cuisine, our menu offers patrons many drinking and dining options, whether it be our main course tasting menu in the dining room, or a casual glass of wine and some tapas and cocktails at the bar.

Juicy, Succulent, Delicious, Tender Meat - THAT is what we are famous for!

All our steaks are cut from the finest quality beef, lazyaged and grilled with our secret combination of spices, sauces and bastings, to enhance the natural flavour and bring out the best in the beef.

There is a steak to suit every appetite - from the not-so-hungry, to the ravenous - on our menu. Dare to attempt either our meaty Mixed Grilled - consisting of rack of finger-licking ribs - a juicy steak, or our moist 24-hour marinated grilled chicken.

Not to forget Luna Negra caters to all tastes from Eastern to Western, as Chef Paolo also creates menus for all occasions, Experience the best tapas and paella from our Spanish corner, 30 variants of authentic Italian pizza, and our Asian comer with a signature dim sum collection and other authentic Asian main courses.