Born in Italy in 1982, Paolo spent his childhood cooking with his grandmother. After he completed his formal culinary training, he began his working experience in different hotels on the beautiful Dolomites Alps, his home town.

In 2004, he decided to garner more experience by working with top chefs in two of the most famous and older Michelin starred restaurant in Italy: Herbert Hinter from Zue Rose restaurant and Alfredo Chiocchetti from Scrigno del duomo.

In 2008, he took a career changing trip and stepped foot in Asia to begin his Asian culinary journey and started his top position as 'chef de cuisine' in the kitchen of OSO Ristorante Italian fine dining in Singapore.

2012, this young talented chef opened yet another door and started his culinary journey in Indonesia. He brought new breeze into the Italian dining scene in Luna Negra by serving a dash of fine dishes style to Luna Negra palates.